Le débat sur les films de jeu de Deion Sanders a un résultat final, et ce n’est pas bon pour les joueurs.

Deion Sanders’s Game Film Debate Has One End Result, and It’s Not Good For Players

College football teams are grappling with the issue of how to provide practice film to athletes who have entered the transfer portal. The topic came to light after freshman tight end Zach Courtney of the University of Colorado claimed that new head coach Deion Sanders was withholding his practice film. Sanders has been aggressively recruiting new players, resulting in more than 40 athletes leaving the program since the transfer portal window opened on April 15. While Colorado initially refused to provide film from fall 2022 practices, it later backtracked and said it would provide all game and practice footage prior to spring 2023 upon request. Other college football programs have different policies when it comes to practice film, with some allowing players to make their own cutups and others providing them with controlled access to game and practice footage.

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